Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 11 Review: Fight The Quiet

Kicking off their fall tour a few days earlier, Arizona band Fight the Quiet played a show at the Cupertino Britannia Arms on Saturday September 18 with Pebble Theory and Montana 1948. For their first time in Cupertino, the boys of FTQ did well; they put on a fun show and left town with a few more fans.

With an understanding that the Brit crowd probably hadn’t heard their music before, FTQ played a song most are familiar with, "Back in the U.S.S.R." The band did a fabulous cover of the Fab Four’s 1970s hit, to which Barb and I couldn’t help but sing along. The songs that followed were off of their newest EP, Let Me In.

Local Bay Area drummer Christian, "The Dragon" as he is known to most, filled in since previous percussionist Brock permanently left the band. This tour is what Nathan calls Christian's "road audition," though he also mentioned that as long as the dragon doesn't attack him while driving, Christian will most likely pass and become a permanent fixture in the band. Tim’s shiny blue bass sparkled while he and lead guitarist Todd rocked out for their third show of tour.

Nathan was great at interacting with the crowd, getting them to clap and dance along to the fun, flirtatious "Sway." At one point he even jumped off the front of the stage and busted out a few quality dance moves. Barbara’s favorite song of their set was the EP's title track, but coming in at a close second, was the band’s last song of the night "Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor. I really liked "This is the Moment" -- powerful lyrics and an all-around good representation of the band’s voice and style.

FTQ had a great performance and I’m looking forward to seeing them the next time they’re in town. If they sound familiar to you and just can’t put a finger on where you’ve heard them before, I suggest taking a look at their well-established bio, which includes past gigs (Summerfest and SXSW), who they’ve played with (Jack's Mannequin and Rufio), and their air plays (MTV and Xbox 360). They've even had songs from their first album Lessons In Vanity licensed for TV shows, which still play to this day!

With some awesome music cred, I wish the boys luck on the rest of their tour, although I know they don’t need it.



Check out their new video for "Won't Let Go":

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